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香港本地飛鏢品牌MyDarts,成立於2014年4月,BFB Consulting旗下一個分支。其業務包括組織飛鏢隊、提供計分系統給公眾使用 (MyDarts Statistics)、網上銷售、飛鏢產品宣傳、推出自家設計飛鏢產品、舉辦飛鏢比賽及試鏢會等等,旨在用正面及健康訊息向大眾市民推廣飛鏢運動。

MyDarts is a Hong Kong base Darts Brand since April 2014 under BFB Consulting. Our services include organizing darts team, providing darts system to public (MyDarts Statistics), online sales, darts product promotion, produce our own darts products, organizing darts competitions as well as barrel trying activities. We hope give promote darts in a positive and healthy way to general public.


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